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Dr. Jack Bacon: Futurist, Technologist
The Parallel Bang,  Nonlinear Thinking for the Nonlinear World, My Grandfathers’ Clock, Killer Apps for the Green Global Village

Stephen Ballesty: Global Infrastructure, Risk, Life Cycle costing, Facilities Management
The Built Environment, Facilities of the Future

Dr. Bruce Barnett: Education Leader.
The Future of Education

Dr. Michael Bungo: Physician, Educator
The Future of Health Care.   Latest Trends in Medicine

Ronald Caswell: Space Advocate, Engineer, Social Services Expert

Eyes on the Skies
Dr. Mehrdad Mark Ehsani: Inventor, Author and Expert in Transportation & Energy
The Future of Personal Transportation

Dr. Richard Hall: Astronomer
Stonehenge Aeotearoa
Doris Hamill: Author, Philosopher,
The Challenge of Why

Dr. Lawrence Jones: Technologist, National Power Grid Expert
The Smart Grid, and other drivers of Tomorrow's Electricity

Dr. Kay Leather: Astronomer, Maori Princess
A different view of the world, from down under to up over: Indigenous Peoples’ Astronomy, technology, and beliefs.

Dr. Kamlesh Lulla: Earth Imaging Expert
The impact of the View from Above: Our Earth, our Future

Mike Lutomski: Environmental Engineer, Risk Management Specialist
Sustainability and Risk

Dana Morgan: Entrpreneur & The hardest-working man you’ll ever know
Hitting Back against the Hard Knocks

James E. Van Laak: Management, NASA visionary,
Thawing the Cold War.  International Partnerships