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Michael Lutomski 

B.S., M.B.A
Hon. Diploma al: La Sociedad de Alumnos de la Universidad Iberoamericana est..


Michael  (Mike) Lutomski has been an engineer, risk manager, educator, mentor, consultant, keynote speaker and a skilled facilitator/moderator for over 25 years.  

He has delighted audiences all over the world on topics of risk management, resilience, exploration, sustainability, and climate change.

Mr. Lutomski is a frequently-requested speaker who believes that the future belongs to our youth and that  education is
therefore paramount.    Mike has not only given numerous convention keynote addresses, but also speaks frequently at primary through secondary schools, universities, science museums, and to professional societies, often with hands-on activities.  

Mike engages the minds and hearts of the audience through extensive preparation and involvement in the entire event.  He tailors his presentation to meet the needs of his clients, verifying in advance that he is consistent with the themes, age, and cultural background of the audience.  Mr. Lutomski knows what it takes to hold the interest of the audience and involve them in the material with personal stories and experience.  

Mr. Lutomski has addressed audiences from 15-1,500 around the world, including venues across the US, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Australia, Russia, and most recently Canada.  He has traveled the world exploring cultures and languages.  He has lived  in America, and for many years in Russia, and has spent significant time in Europe and Latin America.  Mr. Lutomski presents in English or Spanish and is also conversational in Russian and French.  

Mr. Lutomski has received numerous awards and has written many technical papers on Risk Management topics and has been a contributing author to the Aviation Safety Network Newsletter.   

Mike is an extreme sportsman and an avid mountain biker, and can often be found performing around town in jazz bands at local clubs and restaurants.


Applying Risk-Informed Decision Making
Global Climate Change – What Does the Earth Have to Say?.  

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