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Doris Hamill

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Doris Hamill has made a successful career as a technologist.  Her degrees in physics and biophysics, coupled with her lifelong thirst for learning, have brought her an impressively broad and deep understanding of the scientific domain and the technology that flows from it.  Working for the Air Force, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, NASA, and technology-related companies, she has been near the forefront of a wide array of emerging technology.  She has initiated, managed, supported, and promoted leading edge technology development opportunities in diverse fields including optical fabrication, protein crystallography, radar signal processing, life support systems, microgravity sciences, solar powered aircraft, cryogenic refrigeration, and tissue engineering.  She has also written several papers on how to commercialize human spaceflight, and published articles on how NASA should incorporate advanced technology in its future systems.

In parallel with her professional activities, Doris Hamill pursued private studies in an equally wide array of non-technical subjects including history, philosophy, psychology, religion, anthropology, literature, economics, and the arts.  This broad base of knowledge allowed her to fuse understanding from the technical and humanistic realms into unique and powerful insights of why things came to be as they are.  Her book, The Challenge of Why – A Secular Search for Human Purpose, provides logical and scientifically valid answers to a wide array of humanity’s deepest and most perplexing questions such as the nature of truth, the existence of free will, the basis for morality, and human purpose.  

In her book and these lectures, Doris Hamill draws together the technical and the humanistic, the physical and the spiritual, the pragmatic and the moral, the religious and the secular in a way that may be unique in the modern world.  

Abstract: A Peace Treaty in the Truth Wars
Abstract: Purpose Without Belief

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