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Dr. Lawrence E. Jones
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Dr. Lawrence Jones, born in Liberia and educated in Sweden, is Account Executive for AREVA T&D, a forward-thinking alternative energy-focused company headquartered in Paris, France with offices in the U.S. responsible for several large electric utilities in the US and Canada.   He has held positions in strategic business development and marketing including: Manager, Utility Practice and Strategic Initiatives which included Integration of Renewable Energy in Grid Operations, Decision Support Systems (DSS) for Control Centers, and Director of the Transmission Optimization and Partnering (TOP) which was formed after a series of blackouts in the U.S. and other parts of the world in 2003.

Dr. Jones is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, symposia and meetings for utility clients in the U.S. and abroad on topics including Climate Change, Smart Grid Technologies, and the Energy-Water nexus. In 2008 he was an invited panelist to: US National Academies Committee on America’s Energy Future; International Water Agency Workshop on Water and Energy held in Vienna Austria; Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington DC where he gave the seminar Climate Change and Security Implications of Electricity Network; and US Corporate Council on Africa panel Beyond Fossil Fuel: Earth Wind and Fire where he talked about the potential for renewable energy in Africa.

Dr. Jones is a member of The Atlantic Council of the United States task force to develop “A Marshall Plan for Energy and Water Supply in Developing Countries" with expertise in Energy Technologies and Systems, Transmissions and Distribution Systems for Electricity, and Applications of Information Technology in Power Systems Operations. He is the co-founder of The LAUVICOM Group in Liberia, West Africa, an engineering firm, He is also a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Dr. Jones received a M.Sc., Licentiate, and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

Dr. Jones joined AREVA T&D Inc. in 2000 and is currently serving as an account executive. He is the recent recipient of the 2005 AREVA Corporate Contributor Innovation Award for the Decision Support System (DSS). Prior to joining AREVA, Dr. Jones worked as a consultant for ABB Power Systems in Sweden, and as a visiting scientist at Electricite de France in Clamart, France in 1997. 

Dr. Jones is an affiliate assistant professor at the University of Washington, senior member of the IEEE, and co-founder of the International Workshop on Large-Scale Integration of Wind Power and Transmission Networks for Off Shore Wind Farms in Sweden. He also specializes in renewable energy systems such as solar and biomass. Dr. Jones is a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars around the world, and has published various technical papers and articles in industry trade magazines and journals.

Abstract: Smart Sustainability: Beware of Black Swans

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