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Dr. Bruce G. Barnett

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Dr. Bruce Barnett is internationally remnowned authority and consultant  in the education and certification of primary and secondary education leaders.  He routinely collaborates in research and presents on the future of education at forums around the world, and advises on educational leadership at all levels.

Since 2008, Bruce has been associate director of international affairs of the University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA). During his term in the newly created position, Barnett is responsible for increasing the collaborative efforts between UCEA and individuals, agencies and higher education institutions around the world.  Active in UCEA for more than 20 years, Barnett has mapped out a multi-tiered approach to accomplish the goals of the position including surveying current members, facilitating new networking and shared-research opportunities, and developing exchange programs.
He assists his students and clients to develop their course of studies, craft their research, and consider options for  career development.  He has been thesis advisor in the dissertations of numerous students in a wide range of topics including superintendents' and principals' roles as instructional leaders; persistence of students to complete degrees in community colleges and universities; moral dilemmas of school leaders and nurse executives; mentoring of physicians; and factors affecting the delivery of extended studies programs on college campuses.

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