Global Climate Change – What Does the Earth Have to Say?

Presenter: Michael Lutomski
Subject Area:
  Sustainability and Environment

Global warming and climate change is at the forefront of nearly every country's and corporation’s policy making.  Some see disaster, some see opportunity.  One thing that is certain is that a change in weather patterns, precipitation, and agriculture is under way.  There will be changes that will have major effects on financial, political, and social systems across the globe.  The rhetoric of blaming other natural causes has quieted.  

With six billion people demanding more and more energy every day, there seems to be no end in sight.  86%  of the globe's energy is still derived from unlocking and releasing, or combusting, the trapped carbon in the form of fossil fuel formed millions of years ago.  Finding alternative solutions to meet this demand for energy is in full swing.  

Countries like China and private corporations around the world are now taking voluntary action to restructure their practices in a sustainable way.  They are no longer waiting for governments to lead or regulate.  There is a sustainable business revolution taking place.  Countries from Brazil to Denmark have already been restructuring their energy policies and energy generation, and are forming strategies to deal with a warmer planet.  

But what actions should you take?  How do we know if they will be sufficient?  Mr. Lutomski will explore existing technology to replace fossil fuels, that will bring us closer to slowing or reversing global  climate change.