A Peace Treaty in the Truth Wars
Reconciling the Truths of Science, Philosophy, and Religion

45 minutes Plus Questions

Presenter: Doris Hamill

From the dusky chamber of the Middle Ages, through bright salons of the Enlightenment, to today’s buzzing electronic media, impassioned advocates for science and religion have been warring over the right to say what constitutes truth.  In earlier times, other heated battles raged across the Western intellectual landscape between science and philosophy, and between philosophy and religion. Now comes an impassioned advocate, Doris Hamill, with a fresh set of ideas that can end these centuries-old quarrels to everyone’s satisfaction. As Hamill lays out a deeper understanding of science, religion, and philosophy, you will appreciate that each viewpoint has every right to claim authority in its own, distinct domain, and there is no overlap or conflict. She will show you how each approaches different aspects of truth using different tools and beliefs.  The learner will examine the ability and limitations of scientific and philosophic truth to guide moral behavior and compare them to what religious truth can offer.  Then you will explore why ideas matter, how they turn into actions in the world, and what role of society has to play in moral behavior. In the end, you will understand how humanity can reconcile the secular and religious worldviews that have divided us so long, and how we can build a consensus approach to moral behavior.  

Take away: You will come away with a new understanding that resolves many longstanding arguments without any side triumphing over the others. Ms. Hamill will be available after the question period to sign copies of her book, The Challenge of Why: A Secular Search for Human Purpose.   

Markets: general, scientific/technical, academic (philosophic, scientific, religious)

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