Purpose Without Belief
A Purpose for Humanity from Understanding Rather than Belief.

60 minutes Plus Questions

Presenter: Doris Hamill

Most people today seek for meaning within a package of either religious or secular beliefs.  This presentation lays out an exciting, new approach to human purpose that flows from no belief at all but instead from a broad understanding of the universe beginning with the Big Bang and extending through human history.  It summarizes the major conclusion of the presenter’s book, The Challenge of Why: a Secular Search for Human Purpose.  Through the presentation, you will discover a compelling trend in the universe, the inexorable growth of complexity, and see how it provides an intuitively reasonable purpose for humanity.  You will understand how this compelling purpose offers a realistic vision of a grand future for humanity, one that could allow humanity to someday transcend the human condition forever.  It also shows that to achieve its purpose and the transcendence it offers, we must rise above the limitations of our animal nature.  Because it is possible, and perhaps even probable, that humanity could fail to achieve its purpose, understanding and embracing it is a serious and urgent concern for everyone.

Take away: You will come away from the presentation with an inspiring new perspective that can bring meaning and direction to even a non-spiritual life and help put many of the problems and controversies of today into a hopeful context.  Ms. Hamill will also be available to sign copies of her book, The Challenge of Why: A Secular Search for Human Purpose.   

Markets: general, scientific/technical, academic (philosophic, scientific, religious)

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