Beyond Compliance:
Repositioning Existing Assets to Promote Sustainability

Presenter: Stephen Ballesty

Typically the life expectancy of facilities is expressed solely in terms of the 'physical life' of its structures, external claddings, building services and fitouts.  Through appropriate RElifing strategies you can take a more holistic analysis approach to gain a greater appreciation of the lifecycle potential in order to enhance the long term performance of your assets – contributing to a more productive and sustainable Built Environment.

Relifing strategies combine FM expertise and a multidisciplinary approach to target quality and performance benchmarks and seek solutions to obsolescence in order to repositioning of your assets – to breathe new life into your existing facilities.

Understanding of the intricacies of your facilities' life cycles positions to make informed decisions relating to acquisitions / disposals, refurbishments, redevelopments, leasing, maintenance and CAPEX planning – take greater control of the future of your portfolio.

Relifing strategies look to embrace this paradigm, and together with our expertise with the design of new Green Buildings, aim to make a real difference for your next reuse, repositioning and/or refurbishment project. The presentation will cover;

•    Life cycle analysis and costing basics
•    Beyond compliance positioning of assets
•    Risk mitigation and opportunity identification
•    Making the business case for Relifing
3 Learning Objectives:
1.    International perspective on risk and quality issues, the Australian experience
2.    Existing buildings solutions to enhance the quality and value of your facilities
3.    Positioning assets, performance benchmarking and reporting
Focus Points
1.    Innovations in facilities assessment and performance benchmarking
2.    RElifing for existing buildings to enhance quality, risk profiles and value
3.    FM contributing to a more productive and sustainable Built Environment
Level of Content Experience: Intermediate or Advanced